FreeCast, TeleBrands Introduce Low-Cost Streaming Service


ORLANDO  FreeCast, Inc., a leader in digital television distribution (DTVD), has partnered with “As Seen On TV” giant TeleBrands Corp. to offer consumers an alternative to cable and satellite television. The RabbitTV product uses a unique, yet simple, distribution model to deliver digital media on a more massive scale than current set-top boxes such as Roku and subscriber services such as Netflix.


A year-long subscription and USB RabbitTV device costs just $10, with TeleBrands leading DRTV advertising campaigns and retail distribution. FreeCast says it will be the first time a cable/satellite alternative will be marketed to consumers on such a massive scale at retail, furthering its mission to “source and organize the world’s digital media content into the largest virtual library guide, easily accessible through Web-based devices, anytime, anywhere,” says William Mobley, FreeCast CEO.


  • Nicole Kim Phillips

    The price is certainly right for a yearly subscription. Will the station work if you have cable installed already and will it serve the As Seen On TV Market only or other products too? It could be effective either way because ASOTV is a popular Market and they have lots of useful products that really sell during the peak shopping seasons of the year, as well as Birthdays.

  • Fred

    Are you able to see every tv show that is out there. My wife likes to watch The Young and the Restless.
    What about live sporting events like football and hockey?