Electronic Retailer

The flagship publication of ERA, Electronic Retailer magazine, offers relevant and valuable content, including contributions from top industry leaders, cutting-edge trend reporting, and colorful, informative features, making this magazine the most distinguished authority within the direct-to-consumer marketplace.


With a readership of 10,000, ERA employs Electronic Retailer to cultivate relationships within the direct response business, thus aiding members in growing their companies’ productivity and revenue, and encouraging the allocation of expertise and best practices.


When you collaborate with Electronic Retailer, a credible and effective resource in the marketplace, you take advantage of an exclusive opportunity to get to the heart of the electronic direct response industry.


Electronic Retailing Association

Representing a more than $300 billion market, the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) is the only trade association that represents the global leaders of the direct-to-consumer marketplace—companies that use the power of direct response to sell goods and services on television, online, and on radio. ERA’s members practice a sophisticated and accountable marketing methodology, leveraging video and audio to compel a direct and measurable response.


ERA works hard to protect the regulatory and legislative environment of direct response while ensuring a favorable landscape that enhances direct response marketers’ ability to bring quality products and services to the consumer. In addition, the association strives to promote thought leadership and the sharing of knowledge to advance the direct response industry, as well as facilitate relationships that help members to drive their businesses’ growth and profitability.