Partners in Progress


Every day, direct response marketers rely on outside companies to handle their phone calls, help build creative and media strategies, and deliver their orders. With so many ways to sell a product today, these partnerships are crucial to a marketer’s success. Few companies can afford to go it alone these days—especially if they want to grow.

Industry associations are no different; they, too, can benefit by delegating day-to-day tasks and focusing on a central mission. That’s why ERA is partnering with MCI USA, a full-service association management firm, to outsource many functions and help the association focus on its central mission: keeping member marketers at the forefront of retail.

This strategic relationship will be practically invisible to members. Personnel from MCI USA’s team of more than 100 nonprofit and association professionals will serve as the association’s headquarters management and operations team, alongside many of the ERA staffers you already know. Members will continue to work with many of the same staff with whom they are already familiar, and can expect to meet many new, talented team members who will enhance ERA’s programs and services. The association will continue to be based in metro Washington, D.C.

MCI USA will provide ERA with guidance in strategic planning, resource development, and communications. And with this support, ERA will continue to deliver and grow events, networking opportunities, and resources such as the D2C Convention, Great Ideas Summit, Digital Roadshows, ER magazine, and ER Online. ERA will also be able to leverage its expertise in advocacy and government relations to build membership and participation among digital businesses that can benefit from such knowledge.

Under the partnership, ERA can help create lasting relationships among businesses to share the experiences of successful direct response marketers—the TeleBrands, Allstars, and Guthy-Renkers of the world—with digital marketers and platforms. In turn, digital-first companies will be able to help DR marketers accelerate their transition into new channels and markets.

The strategic partnership will enable ERA to provide a broader set of services to its members and drive DR’s relevance and sustainability. Members will begin to see the fruits of this partnership at The Great Ideas Summit next month, as ERA introduces valuable thought leadership on the convergence of digital media and television.
If you have any questions about how it will affect you and your company, contact any member of ERA’s board or staff. Together, we’re going to make ERA the focal point for omnichannel, direct-to-consumer marketing and government affairs.






Chris Reinmuth
President & CEO
Electronic Retailing Association