Hawthorne Direct Expands Offices



Hawthorne Direct has expanded its Los Angeles and Midwest office locations to offer a variety of open, collaborative, and private office spaces, adding elements such as foosball and pingpong tables. The company’s new office in Fairfield, Iowa, also offers access to trails, outdoor workspaces, a gym, adjustable sit-stand desks, and more.

“Hawthorne has workspaces where people can have highly focused work and lots of open areas where creativity and innovation can thrive, along with areas for quiet conversation and brainstorming,” says CEO Jessica Hawthorne-Castro. “The office of the future is about giving workers both flexibility and agency.”

Designated “Blue Zones” worksites (part of the Blue Zones initiative to encourage healthy lifestyles and longevity), Hawthorne’s offices promote a positive work/life balance. Wellness initiatives in Fairfield, for example, include exercise opportunities during company gatherings, healthy food for company events, and sponsorship of employees’ participation in Live Healthy IA events.

“There is no one-size-fits-all workspace,” Hawthorne-Castro says. “People need flexibility in their work environments, and the ability to craft their work in ways that give them meaning and purpose. And of course, we like to make sure people are being productive, but having a good time while doing it.”