Infomercial Monitoring Service (IMS Report)


For Dell, DR Computers

For Dell, DR ComputersMedia Analytics/IMS has been detecting Dell direct response campaigns since 1997, but the consumer tech company has varied its strategy over the last 10 years. In August 2014, Dell reappeared in the IMS Report after a six-month hiatus and stronger than ever. After week two of its initial detection, the :30 for the Inspiron 2-in-1 Series shot up in the rankings, claiming the No. 2 spot behind HughesNet, a satellite broadband Internet provider, in IMS’ Weekly Top 25 Direct Response Spot Ranking.

Growth Strategy Extends to Variety of Networks

By the end of August, Dell’s short-form airings dominated TVLand, nearly doubling Laser Spine Institute’s placements. According to Time Warner Cable Media, the network’s platform targets adults aged 25 to 54 in 96 million households. H2 was the second-place net for Dell, with a reach of approximately 68 million households. While Dell doesn’t exclude any demographic, marketers are aware of TVLand’s reach, and some of its demographics speak to noteworthy trends. Women aged 34 to 54 and households without kids are two of TVLand’s leading markets. In Q2 2014, women without kids emerged as big spenders. With such findings combined with the leading demographics, we should anticipate Dell and competitors to inundate TVLand and similar networks with new spots throughout Q4 2014. Numbers may not total 100 percent due to rounding.


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