Infomercial Monitoring Service (IMS) Report Short-Form Category


Short-Form Category Overview, 2013-2014
% of All Short-Form Airings

In short-form national cable, spot frequency soared from 2012 in the Personal category and continues to rise. During Q4 2013, Media Analytics, Inc., home of the IMS report, began detecting more short-form airings. As a result, reports reflected this increase in subcategories and spot frequency within the category. Current subcategories include: Other, Pain Relief, Masculine, Feminine, Bath & Massage, and Appliances. While vague, Other includes, but is not limited to adult products, walking aids, and sleep aids—some of the leading products in spot frequency in Q2. Collectively, they helped to make Q2 the leading quarter, with a 200 percent increase from the previous quarter. Z Quiet, a newly-detected product in 2013, increased 80.7 percent from Q2 2013 through Q1 2014. As more new Personal products come into the report’s radar this year, marketers will be able to better understand that Personal products, while flat in frequency and branding, actually offer a unique opportunity to develop and thrive.
Better weather in the second quarter tends to improve attitudes and increase indoor and outdoor activity. In comparison to Q2 2013, media frequency in Q2 2014 could be expected to reflect similar, if not higher, percentile increases. Although airings remained relatively flat throughout 2013, between increased detections and seasonal consumer trends, marketers will likely invest to heighten the relevance of the Personal category in short form.


*Source: Media Analytics, Inc. total short-form detections in the Personal category, March 31, 2012, through March 31, 2014



In short-form national cable, there were more products requiring spots, hence the additional subcategories. Similar to long form, short form’s Other subcategory covers a variety of products from which more subcategories will be designated in the near future of the report. Media Analytics debuted the Bath & Massage subcategory during the second half of 2013 to cover a group of products such as the Utouch (, which increased 120 percent during this period. Overall, the Masculine and Other subcategories dominated 2013. One of Other’s top spots,, continued to prove its relevance as media frequency increased. While airings dropped from Q3 to Q4, helped maintain the subcategory’s No. 1 spot for frequency.


*Source: Percentage of total short-form detections in each Media Analytics, Inc. subcategory within the Personal category from March 31, 2012 through March 31, 2014.




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