Why Membership Matters


Getting the most ROI is essential to a marketer’s bottom line, so it’s only natural for a marketer to want the same return from membership dues. When someone thinking about becoming an ERA member asks, “What’s in it for me?” I immediately reply, “Plenty.” Your membership matters because ERA attributes such as advocacy and networking benefit everyone.


I’m speaking not just as your current ERA chairman, but also as a marketer. Over the years, I’ve attended the ERA Government Affairs Fly-In to witness and participate in advocacy first-hand. What’s more, I know that what ERA and the Government Affairs team can accomplish on the Hill protects the entire industry against a domino effect. For example, ERA has been able to influence legislation in the past regarding endorsements and testimonials, and as a result, has helped save a multitude of companies a lot of time and money on their creative.


Professionals attend ERA events to learn how they can enhance their bottoms lines.


What’s the domino effect? If a show gets hit with a fine from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or is delayed, it affects the marketer. And if the marketing company goes down, all of its supporting service providers suffer. That’s why ERA takes a constant, proactive look at ways to expand Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program’s (ERSP) service offerings.


ERA is ahead of legal issues before they become problems, and challenges potentially harmful legislation on members’ behalf, ensuring a win-win for membership and the industry at large.


When it comes to networking, we are your stewards. ERA brings marketers and suppliers from every aspect of the direct response world—including television and digital—together throughout the year to provide a rich experience. It does this not just to transact business, but to encourage the exchange of ideas, innovations, and understanding of how to reach consumers via emerging communication platforms.


Through networking, we are able to tap a larger pool of industry knowledge and gather the necessary tools that will help us to successfully tell our product stories. The more ERA can give marketers a chance to interact and learn from one another about these various platforms, the more we as marketers can grow our businesses and in the process, achieve maximum return on investment. After all, ERA isn’t just any trade association; it’s your trade association.






Elliott Segal