April 2007 - Global Outlook: Latin America

Live Shopping in Latin America!

By Guido Michanie

Latin American retailers are learning more and more about the DRTV world, while technologies and globalization are helping minimize the gaps between developed and developing countries.

Year after year, we can see how marketing techniques are similar to the ones that have worked in the U.S. and Europe, and are copied in the region with great success.

One of the greatest successes in electronic retailing throughout the world is live shopping. Everybody is well aware of the thriving business that QVC, HSN and similar networks have generated in the U.S. and Europe. It seems very obvious that the business model had to be understood. And that’s what happened in some countries in the Latin American region, including Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

What’s the greatest news about this? The same companies distributing the industries’ products-As Seen on TV products-are the ones that are working diligently to develop live shopping in the region, doubling or tripling, in some cases, the orders they were receiving when they used the traditional direct marketing techniques. This means huge business growth!

In some countries like Argentina, they are airing the program on live broadcast TV every morning. In Paraguay, live shopping is different, as the country has its own network via cable television. Although the methods by which Latin American live shopping shows reach the people may vary, they still work.

Depending on each country, you will find 24-hour channels that air via cable TV two-and-a-half-hour live broadcast shopping programs. And, you’ll also find that the business model varies with each country.

Live shopping is on the air and it’s working effectively. Excellent conversion rates, increased orders and refreshed offers are the first things that arise as a result of these actions. If you are a DRTV supplier, ask your contact in Latin America about these live shopping opportunities and ask him or her how to get started in this exciting “new” business.

Guido Michanie is manager, media and products strategies for Sprayette SA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He can be reached at +54 114323 9931, or via e-mail at [email protected].


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