March 2008 - Research Study

Research: ERA’s Commitment to Retailers

By Sieglinde Friedman

At the 2008 eRetailer Summit in Miami, ERA unveiled a new research paper on how consumers navigate the multichannel landscape and use those channels together. This topic was developed through discussions with ERA’s retailer leadership, including dialogues with the Retail Council and Research Task Force. Interestingly, it is clear that consumers shopping across channels produce significantly higher sales per transaction and bestow a true competitive advantage to those retailers who harness the power of multichannel advertising (i.e., TV, radio, online). But how, in terms of profitability, do consumers navigate the multichannel world and, if a company offers different mediums (i.e., TV, radio, online), how do customers use and weigh those mediums together in order to make a purchase? Forrester Research delivered those answers through polling of some 600+ consumers and aggregating the results. In fact, in concert with its launch, the research firm presented its conclusions, along with exclusive raw data, during the recent eRetailer Summit in Miami.

In addition, at the Summit, ERA offered-in tandem with the research-various educational sessions designed to help further retailers’ understanding of what attracts consumers to their online sites such as video in advertising and utilization of marketing blogs. What’s more, experts discussed optimization of the consumer experience, serving customers well, and, financial models and reporting for profitability.

In its continuing effort to support retailers, ERA has provided members with the valuable benefit of 24 new research reports (two per month in 2007), which present pragmatic and forward-thinking advice on the latest trends and innovative strategies to allow direct-to-consumer retailers to grow their business. Through an exclusive agreement with Forrester Research, these research papers offer members a resource to assess existing technologies, gather the latest information on emerging markets and products, and to understand the business implications of technology change. This twice-monthly benefit will continue in 2008. ERA has highlighted the top five Forrester Research reports from last year for your information and to maintain an uncompromising advantage and all may be accessed on ERA’s website (

Sieglinde Friedman is ERA’s vice president, strategy. She can be reached at (703) 908-1021, or via e-mail at [email protected].


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