February 2008 - Platinum Membership

ERA Launches Expanded Platinum Benefits Program

By Karla Kelly

ERA is pleased to announce an expansion of key leadership exposure and money-saving benefits at the Platinum membership level. This program offers marquee positioning at ERA meetings, monthly recognition in Electronic Retailer magazine and financial savings with a bundling of free and discounted benefits for those wishing to be seen as leaders among ERA membership.

It was the brainchild of the ERA Convention Committee, which was tasked with finding a way to give back to those who support the association throughout the year at the highest levels-via dues, advertising, exhibition and sponsorship-by giving them an advantage on the allocation of prime exhibit space at the Vegas meeting. All space is assigned according to an historic points system, and the Platinum level offers 50 bonus points to ensure center-stage placement. The complete details of the points system can be found on ERA’s website www.retailing.org under “Meetings & Conventions.”

The key leadership aspect of the Platinum membership level is the invitation to retailer and supplier members to participate at the Strategic Planning Committee at ERA’s mid-year meeting, where the navigation of the future of the Association takes place. Retailers can contribute to the strategic vision of the Board on advocacy, research and educational goals for the coming year. Industry suppliers who step up to the plate at this level are perceived as intensely supportive of their customers’ needs. There are also exclusive networking receptions between ERA’s Board and retailer and industry supplier members.

For supplier members and direct marketers who exhibit, there are significant savings at ERA’s meetings on exhibit space: 20 percent off the published rate, 20 free guest passes, free sponsorships offers and extremely valuable advertising discounts in Electronic Retailer magazine.

Perhaps one of the most ideal benefits to both supplier and retailer Platinum members is the Platinum Lounge (formerly known as the Chairman’s Circle). Located in the center of the tradeshow floor at ERA’s Annual Convention, this executive meeting lounge offers a respite from the busy tradeshow floor with a relaxed setting-featuring breakfast, lunch, light snacks and an open bar throughout the show-where power meetings can take place. The lounge has up to three private meeting suites for those wishing to discuss important deals. The savings it affords retailers and suppliers who can forgo traversing the large Vegas landscape to take appointments is measurable in time well spent-and to suppliers in money saved on entertainment expenses.

The bottom line on upgrading to Platinum membership: the measurable return on investment through exposure, increased revenue and decreased expenditures-and the leadership attributes it brings to companies.

A complete list of ERA’s Platinum members can be found on ERA’s website and featured monthly in the magazine.

To discuss membership within ERA at any level or to upgrade your company to the Platinum level, retailers/direct marketers can contact Robin Greenspan at [email protected]iling.org or (703) 908-1036, and suppliers can contact Karla Kelly at [email protected] or (703) 908-1026 to discuss all the ways your company can gain exposure and be a key leader with ERA.

Karla Kelly is ERA’s vice president of meetings & conventions. She can be reached at (703) 908-1026, or via e-mail at [email protected].


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