January 2007 - Media Matters

Marrying Media to the Backend, Part 1

By Steven J. Edelstein

As we continue to evaluate our direct response programs, we are constantly reminded how important it is to not only evaluate what is emerging through our branding, marketing, strategy and messaging, but how this important tactical “selling” is having an effect on the backend integration that is so vital to the success of any campaign.

With multichannel marketing and integrated strategies not just being a fad, but a trend among direct response marketers, it is more important than ever to perform detailed analyses on the performance of our service partners, evaluate the media and its value, and consistently review all metrics associated with a given program.

Of course, with consumers always looking for that “better, faster, stronger, more reliable product and/or service, how do I effectively perform this “due diligence” to ensure that my product and/or service has the best chance of survival?

The key is to first frame out what is taking place in today’s direct response marketing world in order to put this in perspective.
It is not just a matter of evaluating our media equivalency ratios (MERs) and cost per orders (CPOs). In order to gain a full appreciation for the marketing and strategy that is being employed and deployed, a strong direct response marketer must review the following:

  • How do my audience demographics have a direct relationship with the product and/or service that I am promoting?
  • Does my media partner understand the personality of my vertical market; and therefore, have the ability to provide reporting and tracking that will add value to my marketing decisions?
  • Will the media being evaluated and purchased be directly attributed to sales that are being generated?
  • What metrics does the media partner provide, and can they interpret those metrics in a way that is actionable?
  • Will my media partner have a direct relationship with my “backend” partner(s); therefore, providing a seamless integration of information?
  • What “tools” does my media partner employ to ensure a calculated approach to the evaluation and suggestions for greater selling success?
  • Will my media partner provide me with tutorials that will help in the performance review?
  • Does my media partner play an integral role in my strategy, or will they just be purchasing media on my behalf?

These questions are vital in evaluating the proficiency and attention being paid to your relationship-and ultimately, the success your product and/or service will have in the selling environments being employed.

In Part 2, I will discuss how to evaluate a checklist of media and integration.

Steven J. Edelstein is CEO of The Logical Step in New Haven, Conn. He can be reached at (203) 314-6490, or via e-mail at [email protected].


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