Mann, Popovic Join Bespoke Marketing


Portrait of Rose Mann


Portrait of Ines Popovic


TORONTO Rose Mann and Ines Popovic have joined Bespoke Marketing, a firm that specializes in live shopping.

Mann is a seasoned home-shopping executive who most recently worked with Canadian Thane Direct to build live shopping accounts in Italy, Germany, and the United States. She previously operated her own company, in which she championed live channels for clients such as Allstar Marketing. At Bespoke, Mann will serve as vice president of global live shopping.

Popovic will serve as Bespoke’s new director of relationship marketing and sales. Before joining Bespoke, she spent more than eight years in sales functions with private equity and venture capital firms in Canada and the United Kingdom, raising capital for international projects. Popovic has spent the past year managing Thane’s international subsidiary.

“I have worked with both Rose and Ines on a number of global initiatives over the years, and knowing the scope and complexity involved in launching products globally, am very happy with the team we have put together at Bespoke to take on this growing area of our business,” Bespoke CEO Daniela Todorovic says. “We look forward to bringing our entrepreneurial spirit and expertise to product developers and other industry partners.”