TapouT XT Taps Mojo Now


TapouT XT Taps Mojo Now

BOSTON TapouT XT has selected Mojo Now to deliver a revolutionary e-commerce platform for its online marketing campaigns. The mixed martial arts (MMA) home-fitness program is Mojo Now’s newest major direct-to-consumer client, and cited the platform’s reporting capabilities as a factor in its decision.

“We were looking for real-time reporting from our website vendor,” says Noel McDaniel, TapouT XT’s marketing director. “What Mojo Now did was give us the capabilities to run our own campaign on the fly, so we can make changes quickly and see the results quickly.”

Optimized expressly for DRTV, Mojo Now allows marketers to perform A/B price testing and change pricing or messaging in real time to determine the most effective offers and strategies.