TVA Produces Network Marketing Spots, Shows


SAN DIEGO  TVA Media is producing a 28:30 infomercial and supporting spots as part of a national DRTV campaign for DitchTheCan (DTC) this spring. The campaign will promote DTC’s new energy drink, KAOS Gold Energy, as well as a unique network marketing strategy that pays people to consume and promote the drinks.


The campaign will run several months on multiple media channels including television, airline placements, print, radio, Internet, and social media, for an expected accumulated total of more than 100 million impressions. The companies expect to run a minimum of 25,000 TV airings in Nielsen-ranked DMAs, four DRTV spots on major airlines, talk show appearances, up to 400 newspaper features, landing page features on Internet news portals, and more.


“TVA was so impressed by DTC’s social network marketing model, they suggested a shared-risk partnership right off the bat,” says DTC co-creator Brian Krogstad. “We are excited that they see the enormous potential in this industry-changing concept.”