My Pillow Settles California Lawsuit



After 10 California district attorneys filed suit against My Pillow alleging it had engaged in deceptive and false advertisements, the company settled for civil penalties of nearly $1.1 million, including a $100,000 donation to California nonprofits.

The suit alleged that My Pillow had overstated its product claims, including claims that My Pillow could prevent sleep loss associated with insomnia, restless leg syndrome, neck pain, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, migraines, and other ailments. Consumer watchdogs at Truth in Advertising, Inc. (TINA.org) found no scientific support for such claims.

My Pillow also failed to disclose the fact that it had a financial relationship with the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) while promoting itself as the organization’s “official pillow.” My Pillow has since removed all medical claims from ads running in California, and is prohibited from making such claims until it has conducted clinical trials.

“With this settlement, we are able to avoid a costly and drawn-out court case and turn our attention back to our No. 1 passion—our customers,” company president Michael J. Lindell said in a statement.

In separate decisions last year, My Pillow also agreed to pay New York State $1.1 million in sales taxes it failed to collect, and will pay members of a California class-action case $5 for each pillow purchased.