Kingstar Launches Digital Division



In recognition of rising demand for cross-border and omnichannel advertising campaigns, Kingstar Media has launched a digital media division, L49 Digital. Named for the 49th parallel that forms most of the U.S./Canadian border, L49 Digital will deliver mobile-first strategies to elevate broadcast advertising and DR campaigns, employing SEM, web development, paid social, programmatic advertising, and other in- demand lead-generation tactics to track and improve the performance of DR campaigns.

In addition to serving the Canadian market, L49 Digital will function as a testing ground for U.S. and global brands. Kingstar has tapped DRTV veteran Kristy Pinand to lead U.S. business development as vice president of the division; she will help the company deliver efficient Canadian media opportunities and targeted omnichannel content across platforms, informed by her behind-the-camera experience.