Marketing Maven Wins Rights to Ignite-TEK



Marketing and public relations agency Marketing Maven has won worldwide rights to Ignite-TEK, a patented speech-recognition technology that identifies threats to brand reputation. Marketing Maven is using the service to monitor offline, voice, email, chat, and social interactions to assist clients with reputation management.

Ignite-TEK licensed the technology to Marketing Maven due to its vast experience in the direct-to-consumer space, international and domestic client base, and government clients. “Marketing Maven’s focus on online reputation management and organic SEO for their clients indicated that they would see the vision for taking brand management service offerings a step further—offline,” says Michael Ferzacca, Ignite-TEK CEO. “This technology will allow major brands in healthcare, financial services, communications, travel, and consumer products verticals to become more efficient at minimizing compliance risks, reducing expenses by making analysts more efficient, and quickly gathering brand intelligence from active customers.”

“Marketing Maven is thrilled to have acquired the exclusive license to this brand-new, game-changing technology,” says Lindsey Carnett, CEO and president of Marketing Maven. “This technology will help government agencies, the financial community, highly visible brands, and product manufacturers. There are a plethora of applications for this new technology, and the fact that we’re the only agency in the world with access to this software is going to open a lot of doors for us moving forward.”

Separately, Marketing Maven has launched a social media webinar series to help ERA members take the next step with social media campaigns. Upcoming topics include “Best Strategies for A/B Testing Via Social Media Advertising,” “Omnichannel Marketing: Creating the Right Mix for Your Brand,” and “How to Fuel SEO with Social Media.” To register or for more information, contact Jim Perrus at jperrus@retailing.org.