Holstein Achieves Success on HSN



A partnership between Holstein Housewares and leading home-shopping retailer HSN has surged in the last few months, since HSN helped introduce customers to the manufacturer’s line of small kitchen appliances. Holstein premiered four products in July as part of a package deal that included its Cupcake Maker with Oodle Tips, Personal Griddles, Pie Maker, and Omelet Maker, selling more than 2,000 bundles in a matter of minutes.

Each product offers consumers the opportunity to make healthy and delicious meals in minutes, Holstein says. “All of our products are so versatile,” says Diego Valera, Holstein’s co-founder. “They can make everything from desserts to snacks to full-blown dinners in minutes. HSN gives us a way to really show the products’ versatility to consumers, and encourage them to have fun and get creative.”