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Business Travels

Each year, ERA Europe stages the Electronic HomeShopping Conference (EHSC) to bring together the movers and shakers of the teleshopping business in the EU and beyond. And while the European show has been growing in recent years, there’s one thing it’s always lacked—an award to recognize excellence in direct response television. “We are a TV-based industry and yet, we don’t have any awards,” laments Julian Oberndöerfer, executive director of ERA Europe.

That’s about to change. The inaugural edition of the ERA Multichannel, Multiscreen Awards (EMMAs) will honor networks, suppliers, and individuals for ingenuity and achievement in the European home shopping industry during EHSC 2016, set for June 14-16 in Barcelona, Spain. Winners will be revealed during an elegant poolside ceremony interspersed with music, prizes, and product presentations, and culminating in the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award to a person long essential to DR’s advancement. Members of the international press will be invited to cover the awards. “This is the Oscars of teleshopping in Europe,” Oberndöerfer says.

As always, EHSC will deliver a substantial educational component, including the second annual installment of the Multichannel Money Streams (MCMS) program. This year’s MCMS will discuss the evolving omnichannel marketplace in Europe, including topics such as online payments, analog-to-digital business models, and European regulations affecting specific product categories, as well as new EU directives governing media and marketing.

Of course, the best reason to attend is to talk business with industry colleagues from countries around the world about products and partnerships that can ultimately line pockets. “The potential sales and contracting opportunities this year will even be bigger than last year,” Oberndöerfer says. “It’s a very personal show. All the decision-makers are in one room, so you meet everyone—and it’s the last show before Christmas, so if you want to find good products ahead of the holidays, this is the place to go. Plus, it’s on the Mediterranean in the summertime. What could be better than that?”