Annuity.com Launches ‘Safe Man’ Brand Campaign From Karlin + Pimsler


NEW YORK Annuity.com, the leading online network for purchasing annuities, has launched a new advertising campaign created and produced by award-winning direct response ad agency Karlin+Pimsler. Launched in January, the new campaign, “Safe Man,” features a man carrying a safe that represents the fixed sum an annuity pays to its owner every year, typically for the rest of his or her life. Targeting baby boomers, “Safe Man” follows people in the age group wherever they go—to the golf course, to a hotel, to the grocery store—to illustrate that money is safe with an annuity.


“Most boomers don’t understand what an annuity is, or the value of it,” says Kevin Dufficy, managing director of Annuity.com. “But Karlin+Pimsler’s ability to communicate the message in an easy-to-understand story is the key to our marketing strategy. Their visual representation of the safety of annuities is unforgettable and right on target for our brand.”


“Our strategy with the ‘Safe Man’ campaign was simple: We wanted to share Annuity.com’s story and highlight the value of purchasing an annuity in a smart, fun, and memorable manner,” says Mal Karlin, president and COO of Karlin+Pimsler. “Throughout this campaign, we get the chance to tell the stories of baby boomers’ active lives while also shining a spotlight on the benefits of annuities.”